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Welcome To EdCamp Peterborough 2015!
It's Nice To Meet You
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October 17th, 2015

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
(Registration + Coffee Opens at 8 AM)

Sir Sandford Fleming College

Skilled Trades Centre
599 Brealey Drive,
Peterborough, ON K9J 7B1

Breakfast Provided - BYO Bag Lunch
Valuable Door Prizes at the end of the day
Bring your own technology
Free Parking

NO Registration Cost. Really.

But please be considerate and let us know if will be unable to attend

The world of Teaching and Learning is changing around us and

We've ALL become learners now!

How are you meeting the challenges?

Do you wish you could find someone to help you learn something?
Would you like to find someone to talk with or to work with?
Would you like to share your experiences - good or bad?

Come to EdCampPTBO

and take charge of your own Learning - for Free!

Bring the topics you'd like to talk about.
We'll find folks who want to talk about the very same thing.
Bring the things you'd like to learn about.
We'll try to make that happen too!
Bring the things you've learned along the way.
- and share them with others who want to learn...

So What is EdCampPtbo?

It's an exciting day to connect and learn about what YOU want to learn

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What is EdCamp?

  • Free

    EdCamps are very low cost events, with some financial support obtained through educational organizations, online communities, and local businesses.

  • Participatory Instructional Design

    1. With no pre-set schedule or presentations, sessions are determined through a collaborative process on the day of the event
    2. Learning takes place through conversations and person-to-person interactions and activities, not listening to formal presentations.

  • Cutting edge, up-to-date topics

    Because the program is set that day, sessions can respond to the most relevant local interests and needs expressed by those who attend.

  • Anyone who attends can share or facilitate a session

    EdCamps are based on the belief that all those attending have valuable expertise and experiences to contribute.

  • Vibrant Communities of Learners

    When learners with different backgrounds and perspectives come together, it can result in exciting innovations and collaborative communities of practice, and deeper dialogue about the issues.

  • Long-tail Learning and Connections:

    Discussions and activities which begin at an EdCamp can continue long after the day is over: in a connected world, common educational interests and needs are a natural springboard for lasting connections and continued sharing.

  • Self-driven Learning

    Participants set the sessions and are encouraged to to take responsibility for their learning and follow the Law of Two Feet:

    "If a session isn't the conversation or activity you want or need, it's important that you get up and find a session that is."

  • Come

The success of the day is truly up to the participants!

Ed Camp 101

Su Hun Lee


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